The Iconic Designer Eero Aarnio known for the egg chair.

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He also created something else that I think is quite special, the cloud chair

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This is how we found them.

We began with the typical inspection and deconstruction of each chair we work on. Marking where screws came from and how it fits together.

Next measuring the deciding on fabric, we choose from profile fabric


We choose: Stamford Organic.

Heavy Commercial – 59,000 Rubs
Composition: 100% Polyester

Now it was time to strip, taking off each pattern with the utmost delicacy. Underneath we found these, which we would hand stitch on later.

The Arms needed to be wrapped, stitched and screwed back on.

Cutting and sewing the individual fabric pieces together was challenging as it had such an unusual shape.

Here’s a video of me hand stitching the bottom piece of calico back on.

Put back together it looked liked this.

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